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Property Transfer

Depending on the nature of the transaction (e.g., sale, purchase, or re-mortgage) your solicitors can download a relevant Guide here to obtain a list of our requirements and fees.

All existing homeowners can download our Homeowner’s Guide via their Homeowner Online Services account to obtain helpful general information and details of our requirements in connection with property transfers or re-mortgages. The Homeowner’s Guide is located under Documents section in General Documents folder.

Alternatively, your solicitors can email fees@e-m.uk.com for an instant response outlining our fees and requirements. Please note that this email address is an automated response facility, and it is not monitored therefore, no documents or replies should be sent there as they will not be actioned.

Some leases for retirement properties may require payment of transfer and/or contingency fees, also known as “exit fees”, in circumstances specified in the deeds. General information about exit fees can be found in our Homeowner’s Guide available to existing homeowners via their Homeowner Online Services account.

Your solicitors should review the terms of the deeds to establish whether exit fees are payable and under which circumstances. If exit fees are due on assignment (or “sale”) of the property, we will be unable to register the new owner(s) on our database until these are settled in full.

If you are selling your home, purchaser(s) will usually require specific information about your property. E&M can assist with this request by providing your legal representatives with a Seller’s Pack which contains: our standard responses to Landlord enquires, ground rent confirmation and consent to assign (if required by the deeds).

Most existing homeowners can apply for a Seller’s Pack, which will be sent directly to your solicitors, online via your Homeowner Online Services account and benefit from an enhanced 48-hour turnaround period. Please go here for further details.

Alternatively, your solicitors/conveyancers can visit our website here to obtain our Seller’s Guide which contains a list of our requirements and fees. Any communication from your solicitor to us should follow instructions outlined in our Seller’s Guide and contain the full property address (including postcode), your account reference number and clearly state who they are acting for and in what capacity.

You might be asked to provide buyer(s) with details of service charge accounts when selling your property. E&M do not handle maintenance or service charges and so are unable to provide any information in that respect. If such information is required, we suggest that your solicitor makes separate pre-sale enquiries directly with the property managers (the company any service charges are paid to), who should advise of their fees and requirements upon request.

It is not compulsory to obtain a Seller’s Pack; however, the buyer’s solicitor may advise their client not to proceed without one, this is especially the case for retirement properties. The exchange of verified information between sellers and buyers is beneficial for all parties and reduces the likelihood of disputes or surprises later on.

All payments due before you sell your property must be settled prior to or on the due date in full.

If your payments are due in advance, your solicitors should obtain relevant apportionments from the buyer(s) once a completion date has been agreed.

Please note that we do not accept partial payments or instalments for rent or insurance due prior to the completion, nor do we process refunds for part periods after the completion. Please liaise with your solicitors to ensure all relevant apportionments are agreed with the buyer(s) upfront.

E&M do not handle maintenance or service charges. All payments and queries in this respect need to be directed to the property managers (the company any service charges are paid to), if applicable.

Please note that we can only update our records with the details of new owner(s) upon receipt of the formal documentation from their solicitor and once all outstanding balances and breaches have been cleared.

If you have sold your property and received subsequent letters or demands, please pass these to your solicitors so that they can liaise with us regarding any outstanding requirements that still need to be fulfilled.

We will require your solicitors to serve us with a formal Notice of Transfer together with a certified copy of the Land Registry Transfer Form (AS1/TR1).

Please ask your solicitors to visit our website here to obtain our Buyer’s Guide which contains a list our requirements and fees regarding a transfer of ownership.  

Please note that we cannot acknowledge a new owner until we have received the formal documentation (known as a “notice of transfer”) required under the property deeds and all outstanding balances in relation to rent, insurance and service charges (if applicable) have been cleared. 

In the case of retirement properties, any Transfer or Contingency Fees required under the terms of the property deeds will also need to be dealt with (see our What are Transfer Fees and Contingency Fees? above for details).

We are unable to process the notice until we receive full payment of our associated fees.  

Please ask your solicitors to visit our website here to obtain our Buyer’s Guide which contains a list our requirements and fees. If notice was served on another party, please ask your solicitors to provide us with a receipted copy of the notice to enable us to update our records.